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Iyengar Yoga

Yoga helps develop inner awareness. It teaches us to focus our  attention on our body’s abilities at the present moment. Here we study asana as gesture and symbol. A simple practice.

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Clarence Dillon Library   

Somatic Mindfulness Meditation

Here we learn to focus the attention on  deep relaxation of the body in the present moment without judging.

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 VIRTUAL MEDITATION - WEDNESDAYS7 .15 - 7.45 PM at Clarence Dillon Library.   BOOK NOW

Back Care & Spinal Health

Sensitive back issues are addressed with compassion and care, empowering the person towards functionality and freedom from pain. This is an integrative and complementary practice.

 FRIDAYS 6:30 - 7:45 PM at

Chair & Rope

The Iyengar Yoga tradition uses props to work on alignment, stability, precision, and also to extend the duration of time of stay in asanas. This class uses one of the most versatile props, the chair, together with one of the most amazing props, ropes to help support and aid your practice. All this will help our bodies feel amazing, release stress and open up to learning.

CHAIR & ROPE YOGA: IN PERSON  MONDAYS 7:15 - 8:30 PM            


YOGA WALL: IN PERSON - SUNDAYS 8:30 - 9:30 & 10:00 - 11:00  Glow Yoga

Our Bodies, Our Selves

Based on traditional Iyengar Yoga practices and sequences for women's health, the class offers an opportunity to explore our deepest selves, to convene with the rhythmic essence that we carry inside and outside of ourselves. The intention of this class is to help you connect through yoga, experiential anatomy, and selected readings.  This online class is for women and people with or without internal organs, with an emphasis on back and scoliosis care.


Movement Therapy

What are your movement goals? Work with me in a private or a semi-private class, in wonderful Madison, New Jersey. I will help you work with your movement questions and objectives. Email me for more information on packages and programs:

Women's Health Series: The Pelvis

Reclaim your Power and the Wisdom of the Pelvic Space. 

With calmness, patience and suspended time, I will guide each participant in the art of practicing classical yoga, restorative and therapeutic applications for this important area of wisdom and life. Through this class series, students will understand, connect to, begin to reclaim and integrate the territory of the pelvis, hips, legs, lumbar, sacrum and coccyx. Through Embodied Anatomy, Developmental Movement, and Iyengar Yoga. The subtle and finer adjustments explored through these practices will influence posture off the mat as well. 

Coming up at Whittemore in Oldwick, New Jersey

Understanding Your Core with Patricia Videgain

The purpose of this class is to improve your connection with the dynamic spine, muscles, connective tissue and breath. This will allow you to move safely, efficiently and creatively—both in Yoga and in your everyday life.

Your body is fluid and wants to be strong, flexible and balanced all at the same time. This process comes about when we breathe and function with freedom, not restriction. With this practice, sensing, moving and standing from your Core brings joy and ease.

Sucking your belly in and tightening your abdominal muscles is not a good way to develop a strong core—this actually makes it harder to function, trying to contain us from the outside in. The organs do not enjoy it either. It is better to find the rhythm, connection and support inside and then relax on the outside.

All the structures associated with the spine, from head to tail, touch our core. They are all involved with healthy posture. The way we carry ourselves and how we function affects our core integration.

Our bodies are brilliantly designed to move comfortably and easily, but also succeed at working hard when necessary. What facilitates movement is the clever combination of breath, presence, and the movement tools you will learn through this class series.

Embodying core awareness in action both on and off the mat gives us multiplicity of choice.

Details to be added soon. Please email me if you'd like to stay updated.