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Throughout my years of yoga practice, I have been very fortunate to teach and guide many wonderful students and interested souls...

Read their experiences, opinions and reviews bellow!

Tricia Thomas, Bedminster, NJ

I am so fortunate to know her

"Patricia Videgain is an exceptional person and teacher.

Her extensive knowledge of the human form and its connections to the whole mind and body is extensive and impressive. 

I have benefitted from her expertise regarding my hip and back issues and have seen improvement not realized before with other interventions."



A holistic, mind-body experience

 “Patricia is not only an instructor but a true teacher whose years of study and experience are evident in her individual lessons or classes. Yoga goes far and beyond the basics and becomes a holistic, mind-body experience. Not only has my posture improved, but also my focus and attitude which continues long after the class ends. Just learning to breathe properly and meditate has changed my life. Even in large classes, Patricia manages to gently correct each individual’s poses when needed. Her sense of humor and caring makes each class a joy to attend.”


Everything that I wanted & expected

“I started my yoga practice because I wanted to supplement my running program with a way to enhance my overall health and well being. I heard so much about yoga and its benefits that I decided to give it a try. Since I am a type A person, I felt that yoga would help me learn how to balance my emotions, help me learn how to breathe and enrich my overall health. As I have continued my practice, yoga has done everything that I wanted and expected. I have truly enjoyed being a student of Patricia’s and will continue to derive the benefits that yoga promotes” 


A fully integrated whole

“Patricia’s translation will change the way you practice or teach yoga. Her analysis of data and literature on the human anatomy gives her the depth of knowledge needed to conceptualize the body, mind and heart as a fully integrated whole.” 


Truly enlightening

"I’ve been taking Patricia’s Tier 1/2 classes at Studio Yoga for about a year. I’m always impressed at the way she adjusts her teaching to handle the various skill levels and ages that attend the class. All of us leave feeling like we’ve learned something new and had personal attention in the class. I typically don’t attend “women specific” classes or events but when I saw she was hosting a Women’s Health series, I was very curious to try it out. The class completely changed the way I think about my body. Before this class, I never thought about how my bones, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and organs worked together. It was truly enlightening and has helped me to have more faith in my body and understanding how the different components work together. The concepts Patricia teaches of movement, alignment, and comfort have really enhanced the way I live in my body and positively impacted my yoga practice. Amazing how Patricia can share all of this in just 5 sessions. I will definitely be following her to more of these specialized classes!"


I feel like a kid again

"My posture, range of motion, & balance are greatly improved as a result of regular weekly classes with Patricia. In many movements used in daily living I feel like a kid again. I’m thrilled with the progress & the positive difference that yoga has made in my life & that’s attributable to Patricia…one of the happiest persons you’ll ever meet who just happens to be my yoga instructor.” 


Volví a sentir mi cuerpo

"Hacía varios años que no realizaba ningún tipo de actividad física. Estaba concentrada en trabajar y estudiar y no me había dedicado tiempo para mí. Hasta que, maravillosamente, me reencontré con Patricia y asistí a una de sus clases. Era la más joven del grupo y la que estaba en peores condiciones físicas. Muy desconectada de mi cuerpo. Al principio, sentí temor de no lograr los ejercicios propuestos pero gracias a la dedicación y amor con que Patricia desarrolló su clase, fui adquiriendo confianza. Patricia adaptó su propuesta de clase a mí. Volví a sentir mi cuerpo, me volví a conectar y me entusiasmé en seguir adelante. Al terminar la clase, logré una sensación de bienestar anímica y corporal, después de años, me sentí estirada y con una grata sensación de confort.” 


A challenging & deeply informative class

“I took Patricia’s experiential anatomy classes as part of the 50 hrs yoga immersion class. It provided me with a broader understanding of the intricate workings of the human body, and enabled me to deepen my yoga practice by getting a better grasp on the archeology of each asana. Patricia is a wonderful teacher, she has the ability to be precise, technical and exacting on one hand, yet to be warm, nurturing and compassionate on the other. She beautifully blends her wealth of experiential and factual knowledge with the wisdom of her many years of practice. The result was a challenging and deeply informative class, which Patricia infused with lightheartedness and fun! A highly enjoyable class, not only covering detailed anatomy, but teaching us in-depth awareness of our own anatomy, through actually experiencing our own body systems (skeletal, muscular, etc…). It was an excellent experience that provided me with a true balance of essentials; combining philosophy, anatomy and asanas.” 


It is a privilege to be her student

 “Yoga class with Patricia is a gift to you, to your spirit, your mind and your body. Whether a long time practitioner or novice, your experience in the caring community Patricia creates or as her private client will beautify your day. Patricia’s deep knowledge of anatomy is an important adjunct in the instruction she offers. Her generous commitment to her field is felt universally. It is a privilege to be her student.”


Acceptance & nurturing while learning

“I have been taking Yoga at Studio Yoga Madison for many years, but was on hiatus due to shoulder problems making it difficult to do many poses. That is until, a friend recommended a class with Patricia Videgain. She patiently, and expertly helped me to overcome the issues that were keeping me from enjoying my Yoga classes. Patricia is extremely knowledgeable, non judgmental and down to earth about the poses, finding ways to modify them and allow students to feel good about progress no matter how incremental which inevitably leads to improvement. In addition, she has a global interest and knowledge about Yoga, and continues to read and take classes with other practitioners, and then incorporate her knowledge with innovation. In her classes, while expecting students to work hard, she is always aware of their physical issues, and works individually with each student while leading the class. The atmosphere in class is one of acceptance and nurturing while learning.”


Inspiring, caring & personable

“I first met Patricia about 12 years ago and started taking her classes shortly thereafter. Not only is she an inspiring teacher, but she is always caring and personable. I feel that I have learned something new and meaningful each time I take her class and have enjoyed the continuing process. Thank you, Patricia for always imparting your wisdom and knowledge with sincerity and humor!” 


A relaxing journey through our bodies

“Patricia is an inspirational meditation instructor. Her dedication and enthusiasm to the practice of meditation and to her students is immediately apparent and is reflected in her strong following. Perhaps most remarkable is Patricia’s thirst for knowledge, which results in her constantly sharing new information and teachings with her students. I am grateful to Patricia for her encouragement and support of my meditation practice. Patricia uses somatic meditation to take us on a relaxing journey through our bodies using our breath, leaving us refreshed and peaceful.” 


Patient, highly educated, gentle, kind & understanding

“During the 25 years of studying Iyengar Yoga I have been fortunate to have been guided by several instructors, each enriched my well being and I am grateful to have known them. I entered my first class with Patricia Videgain about four years ago. I had minor issues with my back and more pronounced issues with my shoulder. No instructor, in my experience, has a better understanding of the workings of the human body. She can know where you have had an injury or where your alignment is off. I have never once suffered a strain after her class. She is patient, highly educated, gentle, kind, and understanding. Without question she is top tier qualified, genuinely caring, and the most humble and dedicated Yoga instructor that one could wish to study with.”


She teaches with her Heart & Mind

“For the past 5 years, I have been practicing yoga with Patricia. She demonstrates all new poses and assists us whenever necessary. Her explanation of a pose is explained thoroughly beforehand and when necessary she shows a picture or uses the skeleton to help us understand. She teaches with her Heart and Mind. We all enjoy her class and finish class feeling sooo good."


Learning through the embodiment of my own anatomy

“I love the powerful connections I’ve made in Patricia’s Experiential Anatomy Series. I’m not just learning from an intellectual, left-brained standpoint but viscerally and through the embodiment of my own anatomy. As a student of yoga and a teacher in training, this material and Patricia’s deep knowledge of it, along with her presentation, warmth, and experience, have been invaluable.” 


Insightful, instructional & awakening

"Patricia's Pelvic Awareness Class was very insightful, instructional and awakening . The way she presents the material is truly wonderful. The combination of Anatomy and Physiology, personal experience, story telling, and embodied exploration is most helpful to really understand the subject. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to know their body and self better. Her warmth as a teacher is very comforting and I felt very nurtured as a student. Thank you, Patricia, for giving yourself this way, not many do! "

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