Understanding your Core

The purpose with this class is to discover our dynamically stable spine, which will allow you to move safely, efficiently and creatively. Your body wants to be synchronized and fluid. It’s about breathing and functioning with freedom, not restriction. This brings joy and ease. Sucking your belly in and tightening your abdominal muscles is not a good way to develop a strong core. This actually makes it harder to move and breathe. 

All the structures associated with the spine, from head to tail touch our core. All of them: diaphragms, pelvic floor, intrinsic muscles, arms, legs, organs, plus internal pathways. Posture matters. The way we carry ourselves and how we function affects our core integration. Our bodies are brilliantly designed to move comfortably, easily, and when necessary. What facilitates movement is the clever combination of strength and flexibility. Understanding the core is worthwhile the effort. Embodying core awareness in action both on and off the mat, gives us multiplicity of choice. 

Current offerings:

VIRTUAL / IN-PERSON CLASS - THURSDAY 3.30 - 4.45 PM  at Studio Yoga Madison.  —BOOK NOW