Wanted: Structural Bodywork Candidates

I’m looking for interested souls to engage in a fascinating journey of discovery and embodiment.

As part of my practicum with Anatomy Trains, I will work a set of 3-Session Series on the selected candidates.

The 3-Session Series is a great introduction to Structural Bodywork. The intention of this way of working with the body, breath and movement patterns is to initiate positive change in your posture, movement, energy and knowledge of how your body works.

Structural Bodywork is a way of exploring your body and the interdependent relationships among its parts, especially its structural relationships.

Structural Bodywork helps balance your fascia, which is the biological fabric surrounding muscles, bones, and organs. This has a crucial role in both mobility and stability.

If you have questions and/or are interested in the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration 3-Series, send me a message to schedule a phone interview.