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Pelvic Floor & Pelvic Awareness - Class Series - Digital

$25.00 USD

This pdf manual is the companion to my“Yoga for Pelvic Floor and Pelvic Awareness Class Series". 

About this class series

The goal of this class series is to open a space to learn and connect to the pelvic area, its organs, rhythms and each person’s personal and private experience. We will look at the complexity of the lower limbs and pelvic space, to learn how to adapt one’s yoga practice to the requirements that each individual body needs. 

Embodied anatomy, developmental movement and Iyengar yoga restorative and therapeutic techniques can be a vehicle to understand, connect to and begin to reclaim and integrate the territory of the pelvis, hips, lumbar, sacrum and coccyx.

Organizing the pelvic area efficiently may help with posture and movement, pain, injuries, rigidity, and weakness patterns in the body. Having an understanding and a sense of ease in the pelvis may help enhance our yoga and movement experience.

About this manual

Each class is a journey into the territory of our body, with the lens aimed at the practice of experiential anatomy, developmental movement, and Iyengar yoga. You are welcome to check my website for upcoming versions of this class series. 

Taking the class series complements the manual because in class we look at the whole structure of living bodies, not simply working with still pictures in a book. However, the manual can serve as an introduction for you to practice and/or find inspiration on its own.

Each week features a practice that can stand by itself. I recommend that you practice each asana and the exercises of each week before moving onto a new one. The illustrations make it easy to follow and give a visual aid of the poses at hand. Each asana has an illustration and an explanation on how to practice. 

I recommend that in addition to practice with the visuals, that you prior take time to read the descriptions for each asana and somatic practices. 

Feel free to reach out to me or to any Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher or qualified Yoga Teacher with questions about the poses and practices. This is a tiny contribution to a vast body of work. 

I’m simply a link in a long tradition of practices. 

The word “Awareness” plays a significant role here. With awareness there can be perception and learning of oneself and our body. 

Awareness brings precision and kindness to our practice.  

Enjoy the process,